Dad turns baby girl into heavy metal drummer: ‘Gotta teach ’em young’

A dad and his baby girl are redefining rock and roll with their joint TikTok account, “Heavy Metal Baby.” 

Firefighter paramedic and drummer Marcel Desobeau loves to rock out with his daughter Lane. Marcel usually stands behind Lane in her high chair while she wails on the table with a set of drumsticks. The father guides her little arms as they perform heavy metal classics.

“We decided to start filming first one was Slipknot, ‘All Out Lies.’ We woke up the next day, and it eventually reached half a million views,” Lane’s mom Liz Desobeau told Good Morning America. “We said we will keep making videos because Lane loves it.”

Marcel and Lane drummed on the table to a Slipknot’s “Psychosocial.” Despite the heavy metal beats, Lane was all smiles — except when she was making her “lil angry metal face,” as one person commented

“She already has the drummer face. Future rock star,” another wrote

“Gotta teach ’em young,” someone joked

In March, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker virtually surprised Marcel on The Drew Barrymore Show. 

“We were just hanging out at the kitchen table one morning, and I just randomly said, ‘Hey, let’s make a video.’ We were just having fun, and sure enough, here we are,” Marcel told Barrymore of the first Heavy Metal Baby video. 

The father-daughter headbangers have played songs from some of Marcel’s favorite bands, including Rush, Metallica and System of a Down. The dad has been a musician since he was 13 years old and plays multiple instruments. 

“She’s just so amazing,” Marcel told Good Morning America of his baby girl. “We didn’t know we needed her until we had her. She’s been such a blessing, and we love her to death.”

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