Dad transforms bathroom into lit ‘rave’ for his toddler: ‘This is the kind of parent I strive to be’

While most people would cringe at the thought of a baby at a rave, one dad is proving otherwise. 

Billie Kay Asmus is a small business owner and mother to a toddler named Riley. Asmus shared a video of Riley’s first “baby rave.”

rave is a large dance party with performances by DJs, neon light shows and sometimes even debauchery. They’re typically for people ages 21 and up, but this rave was definitely for ages three and under. 

Asmus’ husband created the setup for a party that was sure to be wholesomely lit. First, Asmus and Riley knocked on the bathroom door. You know the club is exclusive when you can’t just waltz inside. 

“You ladies have your wristbands?” the father-turned-security guard said, donning sunglasses. 

The mother and daughter showed him their purple jelly bracelets. Then the “bouncer” escorted the pair in. The music was bumping — it was a dance remix of “Baby Shark,” a song pretty much designed for kids to go buck wild. 

The bathroom lights were off but the tub — ahem, the jacuzzi — was filled with colorful neon glow sticks for the perfect rave effect. The bouncer-dad placed Riley in the bathtub, and the party finally got started. 

The video racked up over 8.9 million views

“This ‘Baby Shark’ version goes hard tho,” one user said.

“Tell me you’re cool parents without telling me you’re cool parents,” another wrote

“This is the kind of parent I strive to be,” a person commented.

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