Dad brings daughter on the ultimate ‘daddy-daughter date’

This dad brought his daughter on the most epic “daddy-daughter date” and it was so sweet it had TikTokers tearing up!

A parent on TikTok who goes by @jrtorres041 shared a moving video showing the truly adorable reaction his daughter had to going on a “daddy-daughter date” with him. In the video, which racked up more than 7 million views, the dad surprises his daughter with a night out, then brings her to all of her favorite activities. The night out between the father and daughter was so sweet and thoughtful, it had TikTokers getting emotional!

“We haven’t done this in a long time,” the dad tells his daughter as the video begins. 

The duo are sitting together on the couch, and the daughter stares at her dad skeptically for a moment before she responds. 

“What?” she asks, rolling her eyes. “Let me guess, fishing?”

“Not even close,” the dad responds. 

“What is it?” his daughter asks, grimacing. She’s clearly expecting him to drag her along to something tedious. 

“We’re gonna go on a daddy-daughter date,” the dad says. 

Immediately, the girl’s expression changes from skepticism to excitement. Overwhelmed by emotion, she even begins tearing up. 

The daughter runs upstairs to get changed, and is ready to go in record time. Then, the dad presents her with two index cards with possible activities written on them. The daughter closes her eyes and chooses a card, which has the name of a department store written on it. 

Together, dad and daughter go shopping. Then, the dad presents his daughter with two more index cards. This time, she blindly selects go-kart racing. “Yes!” she screams in excitement, as she reads the card. 

When go-kart racing is over, the dad and daughter end the day with some delicious fast food. Then, the dad gives his daughter a bouquet of flowers! “I love her,” he writes in a comment as the video ends. 

Viewers were moved by the dad and daughter’s sweet day out together. 

“I’m sobbing,” one viewer wrote. 

“This heals my inner child and daddy issues,” another viewer commented.

“Enough to make a grown man cry. Such genuine love,” another TikToker wrote. 

The dad and daughter’s sweet day together shows just how meaningful spending time with your loved ones can be! 

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