Dad makes unbelievable foul ball catch while holding his little girl: ‘Dad reflexes are real’

A dad with incredible reaction time is blowing TikTok away — and proving that dad reflexes are a real thing!

Captured at a Philadelphia Phillies versus Toronto Blue Jays game, this one-handed foul ball catch would be impressive on its own — but considering this dad was holding his little girl and a tray of baseball snacks? TikTokers were in total disbelief.


Never underestimate the power of being a dad. 🔥 #baseball #dad #dadsoftiktok #power #sweet #nice #catch #swag #flex (Via: fred035schultz/Twitter)

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Posted by the TikTok channel @brotherhq, with credit attributed to the Twitter user @fred035schultz, this incredible baseball moment has racked up 6 million views and over 1 million likes — and it’s no wonder why!

When Kevin Pillar’s foul ball went soaring into the crowd, no one expected it to be caught by a bare-handed dad holding his sleepy little girl. “That’s unbelievable,” one sports broadcaster laughed during the replay.

Considering the average MLB ball travels around 94 MPH off the bat, this dad’s catch is no small feat — yet, judging by his nonchalant smile, one might think he makes incredible catches like that every day.

But knowing the hectic daily lives of parents and the lightning-fast reflexes they need, this dad might have been training for this moment his whole fatherhood.

‘Never underestimate the power of being a dad’

TikTok users were quick to flood the comments with awe and praise for the dad’s epic catch.

“Bro that ball was probably heading towards him at around 115 mph and he caught it with a bare hand!!!” one user commented.

“Didn’t get out of the seat… She didn’t even know… Oh he is good,” another user wrote.

“That’s the power you get after having children,” commented another user.

“Didn’t even bother his daughter either. Dad level: epic,” another user commented.

This dad is certainly going to treasure this moment for the rest of his life — not only because it was an incredible catch caught on tape, but also because he got to share the special moment with his little girl.

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