Dad comes home from work and jumps right into parenting in heartwarming TikTok

This video of a dad jumping into parent mode immediately after work—uniform on and all— struck a chord with viewers for how accurately it sums up parenthood.  

It’s been said that a parent’s job is never done, and this video from TikToker and parent Sydney Shupe (@sshupe19) perfectly illustrates that sentiment. Shupe recently shared a clip to TikTok featuring her partner, who launched right into parenting mode with their newborn daughter after an exhausting day at work, and the footage has hearts melting all over TikTok. 

The clip opens with a shot of Shupe’s partner fully dressed in his work uniform while sitting on the living room couch and drifting off to sleep while feeding their newborn daughter a bottle. 

Shupe moves in from behind the camera to reveal their tiny baby swaddled in a gray blanket, lying peacefully on her dad’s lap. As the camera closes in on a shot of the adorable infant’s face, it becomes clear that the side of the nipple attached to the empty bottle is resting across her tiny lips instead of inside her mouth. 

With her head resting on her hand, the sleepy baby blinks her eyes open before looking off to the side with a bewildered yet contented expression as the video comes to a close. 

The sweet video tugged at viewers’ heartstrings, and many parents took to the comments to praise the hands-on father and share similar experiences with parenting a newborn. 

“Hats off to this hard-working man who still comes home and jumps into parenting mode and helps with his child,” one user applauded. 

“I was feeding my daughter’s ear one time. I can relate,” shared one parent.

“The days are long, but the years are short. You all will miss these days,” one TikToker commented.

The sleepless nights that come with parenting a newborn are no joke, but at least Shupe and her partner seem to have a sense of humor about it. 

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