Dad cracks up baby with his silly TikTok dance: ‘We’re supposed to be packing for vacation’

This TikToker took a break from packing for vacation to make a joyful dance video with his baby, and TikTok can’t get enough of the adorable dancing duo!

Elijah (@elijahmayanja91) is a new parent who loves sharing videos of his adorable daughter on TikTok. The dad went viral recently when he shared an extremely sweet video of himself taking a break from vacation packing to dance in front of a mirror with his daughter. The extremely sweet video accrued 30.9 million views and counting and had TikTokers’ hearts melting!

The video begins as Elijah slides smoothly into the bathroom with his baby strapped into a carrier on his chest. Both dad and baby grin as “Meet Me At Our Spot” by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole begins to play.

“Caught a vibe,” Willow sings, as Elijah begins to dance. The dad shakes his hands enthusiastically in the air, causing his baby to begin giggling

“Baby are you coming for the ride?” Willow continues, as Elijah dances goofily, and the baby laughs and smiles.

As the song continues, Elijah attempts to mimic the action in each line, much to the delight of his baby. When Willow sings, “I just want to stay for the night,” the dad places two hands beside his head and closes his eyes, feigning sleep. 

The sweet video ends with Elijah continuing to dance, as his baby laughs in delight. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable dad and daughter. 

“You know when you see a baby and you just know that kid is going to have a beautiful childhood and feel safe and loved their whole life? That’s you,” commented one TikToker. 

“That kid’s so lucky to have a dad like you,” another TikToker wrote.

“I am smiling ear to ear. This is so cute,” wrote another viewer. 

Another viewer responded with a very important request: “Definitely need the original sound on this video, because baby giggles are life,” they wrote. 

Elijah obliged, sharing a follow-up video showing the same moment from a different angle. This time, the video includes the audio of his baby giggling happily as her dad dances. 

While it’s unclear whether Elijah ever finished packing for vacation, one thing is certain: He and his daughter had a great time dancing together!

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