Dad asks daughter who was born deaf if she can hear in her dreams: ‘[This] really choked me up’

This TikTok parent asked his deaf daughter if she could hear in her dreams, and her answer was fascinating!

TJ (@cargo_shorts_dad) is a TikToker and parent who frequently shares fun and informative videos about learning American Sign Language alongside his daughter, Kylee, who was born deaf. Recently, TJ posted a TikTok where he asks Kylee if she can hear in her dreams, and her response is incredibly cool.

In the clip, TJ and Kylee are sitting in the car. “Kylee,” TJ says, simultaneously speaking and signing to his high-spirited daughter, who is playing in the back seat. “What happened?” Kylee asks, sporting a cute Hawaiian shirt and rummaging through a colorful bag of toys. 

“You hear in your dreams?” TJ asks and signs. “No, I’m deaf all the time,” Kylee responds both verbally and through signing. “Butttt… Everyone knows sign in my dreams,” Kylee sweetly explains, her tongue stained blue from candy. 

“Everyone knows sign in your dreams?” TJ asks. “Yeah! That’s cool,” Kylee exclaims before the two sign off, literally, with their signature “Byeee,” accompanied by a peace sign. 

Viewers were both moved and fascinated by Kylee’s description of how she experiences dreams.

“‘Everybody signs in my dreams…’ man, that really choked me up,” one user commented.

“When I tell you I lost my composure when she said they all know sign in her dream… this just repaired my heart. Let her know,” gushed one viewer. 

Other viewers shared similar stories about what it’s like to dream when you have a physical disability

“My mom is blind, and the only time she can see is when she sleeps, so she loves to sleep so she can see again,” commented one user. 

“I’m a wheelchair user of about 9 years and somehow am NEVER in my chair in my dreams. It’s so bizarre,” chimed in another viewer. 

Everyone’s dreams are unique to their personal experience. While the science behind dreaming might be a mystery, there’s no denying the heartwarming tenderness of Kylee’s description.

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