Dad and daughter use flour for hilarious game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’: ‘She was out for blood’

A father and daughter found a way to up the ante in Rock, Paper, Scissors. It was epic. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of the most frustrating games already. It’s completely based on luck. There’s not much technique to anticipating what your opponent will do besides going with your gut. So when this father and daughter from Brazil raised the stakes in the classic schoolyard game, things got messy. 

A user posted the video on Reddit’s “MadeMeSmile” forum. 

The giggling father and daughter sat on either side of a table and placed a towel full of flour between them. Whoever lost the round had to get their face dunked in the pile of flour. The little girl kept losing, and her face became whiter and whiter with each new powdery coating. 

But eventually, she was able to get her dad, and she happily smashed his face right into the flour. The father lost with grace and excitedly cheered his daughter on. 

“I was so happy when she finally got him! His reaction was priceless,” a user wrote. 

“I love that she was so determined. The last three sets she played with her eyes closed!” another said

“Teaching her how to be a good loser by being one himself. Good Dad,” someone added. 

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