Dad’s hilarious vacuum hair trick cracks up his little girl in heartwarming TikTok: ‘She’s so lucky to have a dad like that’

One dad and his daughter are melting hearts all over TikTok — and all because of his hilarious hair vacuum trick!

While TikTok has no shortage of brilliant parenting hacks, this particular trick is more for entertainment, rather than practicality.


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While we don’t know much about the daddy/daughter duo in the video (posted by @toddlertok), one thing is for certain: they share a powerful bond and love to laugh together!

In the video, we see the young dad and his little girl standing in front of a large mirror. In his hand, Dad holds the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, a scrunchie looped around the end of it.

With a riot of laughter, Dad then vacuums up his daughter’s long blonde locks. He holds it there for a second, then deftly slips the scrunchie off the end of the nozzle, and onto her hair.

He then pulls the nozzle away, as the two crack up in pure joy.

And just like that, she now has a cute little ponytail — all thanks to Dad’s fun vacuum trick!

‘Omg this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen’

TikTok users everywhere couldn’t get enough of the sweet pair.

“The amount of joy in this short clip is immaculate,” said one user.

“I watched this so many times just for both your smiles and pure joy. Thanks for sharing,” said another.

“Her laugh is so precious,” added another user.

“She’s so lucky to have a dad like that…” one user said.

While this dad and his little girl are bound to make many sweet memories together, this is one precious moment they certainly won’t forget.

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