Dad’s ‘smart’ diaper bag organizing hack has parents shook: ‘Six children and I’ve never thought of this’

This dad’s hack to spruce up disorganized diaper bags is perfect. 

Kate Bast of the @TheBastFam on TikTok is usually the one doling out parenting tips and tricks — but every now and again, Bast’s husband will take the lead to share his own dad hacks.

In one video, he showed how he keeps his diaper bag nice and neat. 

“Tired of your diaper bag looking like this?” he said, dumping out a disorganized bag. 

“Sort into bags and categories,” he recommended.

The dad took out all of the contents in the bag and arranged them into categories like toys, diapers, snacks. Then he placed the items in each category into clear, reusable pouches.

“Take out what you don’t need that day to make it lighter,” he said.

The clear pouches made it easy to identify what was in each bag while compactly organizing everything parents need on the go. The simple hack was a hit with parents, who lamented not knowing about the trick sooner.

‘OMG. Thank you for sharing…’

“This is so smart. I’ve been struggling to find a bag that has space and separation,” one person wrote

“OMG. Thank you for sharing. Six children and I’ve never thought of this,” another said

“I’m mad because I didn’t think of this,” a user commented.

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