Dad didn’t know having a daughter ‘meant getting another wife’: ‘Bro, this is my life’

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video showing how his daughter repeats everything his wife says, making him feel like he has another wife!

Kenzie Shayne (@kenzieshayne) is a mom of two kids who shares funny and adorable videos of her family on TikTok. Kenzie’s husband, DJ, frequently posts videos from her account as well, including one hilarious video in which DJ attempts to prove that having a daughter is just like having another wife.

The popular video, which has racked up 19.6 million views and counting, begins with DJ staring plaintively into the camera, with a look of resignation on his face. “I didn’t know having a daughter meant getting another wife,” he says. 

Next, the camera cuts to a shot of Kenzie and her toddler daughter, Payson. Payson sits in Kenzie’s lap as Kenzie rummages through her purse, looking for her makeup. Suddenly, Kenzie looks up, and yells, “Babe!”

Immediately, Payson echoes Kenzie. “Babe!” she yells. “Babe! Babe! Babe!” 

Kenzie grins as Payson calls out for DJ over and over again. Clearly accustomed to Payson’s outbursts, Kenzie begins applying mascara as Payson continues to yell. 

Finally, DJ responds from somewhere offscreen. “What?” he yells.

“Babe, I need you!” Kenzie yells back.  

Once again, Payson repeats her mom’s words, screeching, “Babe, I need you!”

The video ends as Kenzie begins to laugh. 

The video resonated with viewers, and many parents left comments sharing their own similar experiences.

“I don’t have a daughter but my son does the same thing when I call for my husband,” wrote one parent. 

“My daughter just started doing this. It’s so funny,” another parent responded.

Another parent replied, “Bro… This is my life!” 

Other viewers simply appreciated the adorable toddler’s hilarious behavior. 

“She’s the wife’s echo. So Adorable!” one TikToker replied.

“She is so cute. I couldn’t stop laughing,” another viewer responded. 

While DJ may seem a bit annoyed by his wife and daughter’s antics, the couple’s other TikTok posts make it clear that the video was made in good fun. Kenzie even shared one video in which she caught DJ allowing Payson to give him a makeover!

DJ clearly adores his daughter and wife and is sincerely amused by their behavior. In a caption on the video, DJ even joked, “Like mother, like daughter.”

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