Dad is shocked when new swimming trunks suddenly dissolve in pool: ‘This prank is perfect’

A mom pranked her husband with a pair of dissolvable swimming trunks, then secretly filmed his reaction — and now the hilarious footage is going viral on TikTok!

TikTokers @mr_mrs_walsh gained a whopping 24.8 million views and over 32,000 comments when they uploaded the side-splitting video to their account.

Now, just like the mom who pranked her husband by switching out their baby to see if he would notice, or the dad who used Alexa to prank his teen son after catching him sneaking out, Mrs. Walsh’s hilarious yet harmless prank is cracking up TikTokers around the world!

In the video, we see the father of six casually strolling toward his pool, wearing a pair of normal-looking swimming trunks.

His wife, meanwhile, films as though she’s just capturing a fun summer memory, asking her hubby how the water feels and encouraging him to hop on in.

At first, everything seems perfectly normal — until suddenly, Mr. Walsh exclaims, “Oh!” A look of horror crosses his face as his wife coolly asks, “What happened?”

“They split!” he cries, covering himself beneath the sparkling water.

His wife cackles as he whispers frantically, “It’s kids out here!”

Mrs. Walsh continues to crack up as her husband quickly escapes the pool and tries to slip into his house, hands clasped tightly in front. Behind him, a large “censored” graphic covers up what Mr. Walsh cannot.

In the comments, one laughing TikToker asked, “Did you lock the door?”

To this, Mrs. Walsh simply replied, “Yes I did,” three laugh-crying emojis in tow.

‘This has got to be the funniest invention yet!’

Nearly 35,000 TikTokers shared their reactions to the hilarious footage in the comments.

“I love how he immediately thought of the kids,” one TikToker laughed.

“The tip-toe out the water and run to the door had me dying,” another user commented, followed by a string of laughing emojis.

“Imagine accidentally wearing a pair to a waterpark,” wrote another user.

“Not the G-string!” laughed another viewer.

“This has got to be the funniest invention yet,” shared one user.

“I can’t believe these exist! I want them so badly for my husband,” another user joked.

As the Walshes’ video proves, laughter is not only good for the soul, but for relationships as well. And after six children, it’s clear this funny couple has a wonderful and healthy relationship!

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