Dad’s DIY ‘busy board’ is perfect for curious babies: ‘A lot cheaper than the ones they sell’

This dad has the perfect, easy DIY busy board for parents of restless, curious babies

The Bast Family shares all kinds of tutorials and hacks to make parenting life easier with their 358,000 TikTok followers. This time around, the Bast Family patriarch is back with another dad hack

Kids can use as many healthy distractions as parents can afford. In a few simple steps and a trip to the hardware store, you can keep your baby busy while stimulating their imagination. This so-called “busy board” or “sensory board” is endless fun. 

Busy boards provide hands-on activities for babies that enable them to touch, explore and discover objects. Sensory experiences like this help their brains develop as they learn about their environment and utilize their five senses. 

“Is your mini human super curious? Find cheap items from the local hardware store and around the house,” he captioned the video. 

The father then proceeded to hot glue zippers, wheels, bubble wrap, a calculator and other kid-safe props to a corkboard. When he was done, he placed the corkboard on the floor. His baby girl crawled up to it and had a full play station with objects she could touch and fiddle with. 

Parents on TikTok loved the affordable toy idea. The video snagged over 30,000 likes.

“A lot cheaper than the ones they sell!” a user wrote

“Good for fine motor skills too!” someone added.

“Busy boards are the best!” another commented.

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