Dad secretly spends 6 months emailing celebrities to create epic graduation video for daughter: ‘Omg how did he do this?’

A loving father spent half a year emailing and sending letters to celebrities, all to create a touching graduation gift for his daughter, and TikTok is in shock!

Faith, known on TikTok as @faith.isabelle, explains in her now-viral video that she originally thought her dad “wasn’t doing much” for her high school graduation.

Little did she know, an epic surprise was in the works — and all thanks to a huge group of celebrities that she grew up watching and a father who doggedly pursued them!


some of the videos were over a minute long and i was in tears by the end #NightDoneRight #graduationcheck #joshuatbassett #jimmywoo #bestdad #mcu

♬ original sound – faith.isabelle

In the video, TikTokers were stunned to see such faces as Mark Wahlberg, Joshua Bassett, Randall Park, Jensen Ackles, Jonathan Groff, Gaten Matarazzo, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bob Saget, Kat Dennings, and more!

Each celebrity took turns greeting Faith, congratulating her on her graduation, and wishing her the best in her future endeavors — much to the shock and delight of Faith and the entire TikTok community!

But how did Faith’s dad pull this off?

Many TikTokers were dumbfounded as to how Faith’s father managed to put together such a star-studded video.

Most viewers assumed it was done through Cameo, or that Faith’s dad was a well-connected rich person — but Faith explained in the comments that that wasn’t the case.

“I thought it was Cameo at first too, but my dad actually spent the last six months sending letters and emails, and he got some of them to actually respond,” she wrote.

But after her video went viral, garnering over 20M views, Faith filmed a follow-up TikTok that explained how her dad did it — featuring the dad-of-the-year himself!


Reply to @marvelmaegirl The explanation isnt all that crazy but that’s what he did! #NightDoneRight #thatsmydad #mcu #gradutation #fypforyoupage

♬ original sound – faith.isabelle

So, according to Faith’s amazing dad, to put together an epic, celebrity-packed surprise, all you have to do is 1.) send emails on Thursdays, and 2.) keep following up. Who knew!

‘Girl you need to cherish that man!!!’

While millions of TikTokers were psyched to see their favorite celebrities make appearances in Faith’s video, many more were in awe of her father’s love and dedication.

“I’m way more impressed by your dad’s tenacity than by any celeb. Lucky girl,” one user commented.

“Omg this is A LOT of work… dad of the year,” another user wrote.

“Girl you need to cherish that man!!!” commented one user.

“Your dad is absolutely adorable,” another user commented.

“Omg I love that. Instead of just using Cameo he went through so much trouble, that’s adorable,” commented another user.

With an epic graduation present like this — and the love and support of an amazing father — Faith’s future is certainly looking bright!

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