Dad’s emotional reaction to his daughter’s haircut is melting hearts: ‘It’s too early for me to be sobbing’

This dad’s sweet reaction to his daughter’s haircut is #ParentingGoals.



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Krissi Greer (@thekrissigreer) wanted to capture the adorable moment her husband was surprised by their daughter’s haircut reveal — and it was totally worth it. 

Greer, who is a hairdresser, had cut their daughter’s hair in the style of Namaari from Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon.

Greer filmed the haircutting process and captured her daughter’s gleeful reaction to the final product, but despite how adorable that video was, nothing could prepare viewers for the cuteness to come.

Greer and her daughter waited for dad to come home so they could surprise him with the new ‘do. With the camera pointed at the front door, the pair just waited for the magic to happen. 

When dad finally arrived, his joy was palpable. 

Beaming, he opens the door and says, “Oh baby, you look so beautiful! My princess.”

He gives the haircut a closer look and remarks, “You dyed it too. It’s like a brown color now!”

He then realizes the inspiration behind the hairstyle. 

“You are so, so gorgeous. Is this the hairdo from Raya and the Last Dragon?!” he exclaims. 

After lots of hugs and praise, the dad of the year concludes, “You look adorable! I like your new haircut from Raya the movie. My princess. I’m so proud of you. You look beautiful, baby.”

‘She’ll remember this forever’

The video got over 3.8 millions views and the comments were filled with respect and admiration from hundreds of sentimental TikTok users. 

“[H]er standards are going to be soooo hiiighhh lol I love it,” wrote one prophetic commenter. 

“Not me bawling my eyes out because this is the exact love children should receive!” wrote another viewer in approval. 

According to KidsHealth, saying nice things about how your child looks is a great way to help them build a positive body image. They also say that as kids grow into teens, it’s important to let them try new looks and styles to see what they like. 

With a dad like that, this little girl is well on her way to a healthy relationship with her body image.

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