Dad enrages family with response to annual Christmas decorations: ‘How dare you’

A father is feuding with his wife after a Christmas tree debacle. 

He explained what he did to upset her on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. It turns out, the dad wasn’t so happy with how his children decorated the Christmas tree. 

“I have two young kids (ages 5 and 3),” the father wrote. “My wife and I decided this year to let them decorate the Christmas tree mostly by themselves. It was fun, but you can imagine how it looked so I thought I would redo it the right way since we’ll have guests over Christmas. I left it for a few days to give the kids time to enjoy it and then took off the ornaments and replaced them so things looked more balanced.”

But his wife was furious and felt he disrespected their kids. 

“When my wife saw the tree on Tuesday morning, she hated it,” someone said. “I tried to get her to see my side, but she thinks what I did was unacceptable and will upset our kids. They did ask some questions but don’t seem to be bothered by it, but my wife still thinks I am the a******. She wants me to take everything off and let our kids redo the tree. If not, I am the a****** in her view. I don’t think what I did was unreasonable, but maybe I should have not taken them all off. I just want things to look nice for our parents and siblings.”

Reddit users were on the wife’s side for this one. 

“Why let them decorate it if you were gonna redo it? How dare you?” one person wrote. 

“You made a decision to let the kids decorate, then you decided it wasn’t good enough,” another said

“What an unnecessarily cruel thing to do,” someone commented

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