Dad uses funeral flowers for wife’s ‘romantic’ bath, and TikTok is torn: ‘The most disrespectful thing ever’

A husband freaked out his wife with his attempted romantic gesture, and TikTok can’t agree whose side they’re on!

Mom and TikToker Betty Beard (@overyonder85) gained over 6.1 million views and nearly 8,000 comments when she posted the controversial story online.

Now, just like the dad who was shocked by what he found inside his teen daughter’s shower drain, this bathtub drama is making waves all across TikTok.


I’m not getting in that 😂🤣 #fyp #marriedlife

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In the now-viral video, Betty explains that she was “so happy” when her husband came home with a romantic surprise.

She pans over what looks to be a lovely scene: a warm tub surrounded by luscious red roses, with petals floating gently on the surface.

However, Betty was shocked to discover that these were no ordinary flowers purchased from the local florist. They were actually flowers that her husband had brought home from a funeral.

In the follow-up video, Betty explained the situation further.

Her husband, who is an activities director for an assisted living facility, often brings home flowers from their special events. So, according to Betty, she’s used to him repurposing bouquets that he gets from work.

However, when she found out that his latest flower upcycle came from the funeral of one of his residents, she drew the line there.

“Oh heck naw, get this mess up out my house. Let that water out, get these flowers, throw them away,” she says in the video, reenacting that fateful day.

But Betty and her family all had a good laugh at the failed romantic gesture and decided to share the story online — where no one can seem to agree on whether or not funeral flowers should be repurposed in such a way.

Some TikTok users felt the husband did nothing wrong — and, in fact, applauded his gesture.

“And? I don’t see a problem,” said one user.

“He’s resourceful,” said another user.

“He’s putting it to good use and being thoughtful, good lad,” another user said.

“It’s so beautiful, I’d hate to let it go to waste — but there’s no way I could get in knowing where they came from. It feels disrespectful? Just weird? Idk,” one torn user wrote.

But other users totally agreed with the wife and were grossed out by the gesture.

“OH NOOOO,” cried one user.

“That’s the most disrespectful thing ever,” one user wrote.

“Nope nope nope, I’m not dealing with the spirit attached to those,” another user said.

Some TikTokers didn’t seem to have an opinion either way but found the story hilarious.

“Omg I laughed so hard, thanks for making my night,” one user wrote.

“Bruh this is hilarious,” another user said.

Thankfully, Betty and her husband could laugh at the situation — and now, the next time her hubby wants to make a romantic gesture, he knows where he won’t be getting the flowers!

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