Dad gets adorable surprise when he posts TikTok ‘tummy time’ video

One dad posted a tummy time video with his 1-month-old daughter and got an adorable surprise at the end! 

TikTok user “WillOnWater” (@willonwater_) logged more than 2 million views with his adorable clip. The viral video stars his 1-month-old baby, who shocked her dad and millions of viewers with her tummy time talents. 

Tummy time, which involves placing a newborn on their stomach (while they are awake and supervised), can help babies develop strong muscles and promote motor skills, according to the Mayo Clinic

This TikTok dad wanted to start tummy time as soon as possible, simply because his daughter couldn’t sit still. It’s good that he did, because the baby had some serious tummy skills!


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“She can already lift her shoulders up,” the proud dad said. If only he knew what was coming! 

As the video progresses, it’s clear that the baby is trying to roll over onto her back. Rolling over is a serious milestone for a baby. According to Medical News Today, most babies start rolling over when they are around 4 months old. So at just 1 month old, this baby is a little young to pull off a full roll. 

But this baby is not like most babies. She was ready to embrace the challenge! 

“She’s so focused,” said the dad. “She might be rolling over next month.”

Then, with a cute little grin, the baby girl rolls onto her back, sending dad into a frenzy.

“She never did that! She just rolled over,” said the beaming parent. “By herself!”

The comments section was filled with excitement for both the baby and the supportive dad. 

“His excitement over her is amazing. We stan an awesome loving father!! Go dad!!” one user wrote. 

“I love how you are already her hype man,” wrote another. 

Hopefully, dad has some hype saved up for the future, because this win is just the beginning!

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