Dad gets creative when wife says it’s time to hang the Christmas lights: ‘She is gonna divorce me’

Decorating can be fun, but it can also be taxing. One clever father figured out a way to make putting up Christmas lights just a little bit easier. 

TikToker Sam The Dad shared that his wife wanted him to hang holiday string lights around their home. Sam wasn’t exactly looking forward to completing the task, so he came up with an ingenious way to get around doing it.

“Per wife’s orders, it’s time do [the] Christmas lights. I hate doing [the] Christmas lights so I got an idea,” he explained

Sam placed a cardboard cutout of the Grinch on the lawn. He hung the string lights around the roof of the porch and wrapped the rest around the cutout.

It created the illusion that the Grinch was “stealing” the Christmas lights from the house. It also meant the husband didn’t have to spend too much time placing the lights around the entire house. 

“She was less than thrilled,” Sam said of his wife’s reaction. 

“It’s not done, is it?” she asked him. 

“It’s done. He [the Grinch] already stole the lights from those sections,” he explained to her. 

But Sam and his wife had a sense of humor about the whole thing. 

“She hates me,” he joked. “She is gonna divorce me.” 

However, he did add a disclaimer in the comments that read, “My wife really does like it.” 

TikTok certainly loved it and praised the clever husband’s decorating skills. 

“You are either a genius or in trouble. Either way, teach me your ways,” another wrote

“Maximum spirit with minimal effort. Perfect!” someone said

“Smartest man alive,” a user joked

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