Baby boy perplexed after meeting dad’s mysterious doppelgänger: ‘No way they’re not related’

A baby boy got to meet his father’s random doppelgänger, and it was a thrill. 

TikToker @pixielacerose only discovered her husband Caleb’s “twin” by accident. She mistook the doppelgänger for her husband only when happened to walk past her at the gym. As a fun little experiment, she and Caleb decided to bring their baby boy to meet dad’s gym lookalike.


My husbands doppelgänger! It’s so crazy seeing them in person. No they’re not related at all! #doppleganger #dopplegangerchallenge #baby #babyboy #mumsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #fy #fyp #viral @swagleb

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“So there’s a guy at the gym that looks like Caleb. We’re about to take baby in just to see if he notices,” the mom said in the video. 

The couple headed into the gym with their baby boy in tow. Caleb had a beard, olive skin, glasses and his hair styled in a bun. His gym twin looked nearly identical, except no glasses. 

The baby boy was clearly a bit disoriented. As soon as the boy saw the doppelgänger, he started beaming as if he recognized his dad. When the doppelgänger borrowed Caleb’s glasses, the baby really looked stunned.  

“Can you tell the difference? It’s the same thing,” Caleb said, pointing to himself and his doppelgänger. 

Despite only a few subtle differences in their appearances, the men don’t appear to be family members. 

“It’s so crazy seeing them in person. No, they’re not related at all!” the mom explained in the caption. 

Someone commented about the two men’s similar mannerisms, to which the mom responded, “Yes! It’s also why I thought it was my husband at first when I saw him walk past me.” 

“Oh my god, at first I was like yes a little bit, but the side by side at the end blew my mind,” a user wrote

“Ain’t no way they’re not related, they don’t look the same, but their features are almost identical,” another added

“They had to be separated at birth,” a person responded

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