Clever parenting hack uses water floaties to stop kids from eating off the floor

This dad found a genius way to stop his son from eating off the floor!

Bradley Williams, from Byron Center, Michigan, had to get a little creative when his 1-year-old son kept eating things off the floor. His brilliant solution? Swim floaties! 

“Do you have children that eat things off the floor?” asked the father of 5 to his viewers. “Then I have the solution for you.” 

He then holds up a pair of swim floaties. “Introducing the snack blocker!” The video then cuts to 1-year-old Sam, now wearing a pair of floaties, trying to eat some cereal from off the floor.  But thanks to the “snack blocker,” the tot can’t reach his mouth because the inflatable tubes around his arms are getting in the way! 

“It’s sure to keep those pesky kids from eating everything in sight,” said Williams, as the floatie continues to stand in Sam’s way of a tasty treat from the ground. Sam seems pretty frustrated by his dad’s parenting hack, but at least he isn’t eating anything off the floor! 

Williams first got the idea when Sam was trying on his new floaties

“Sam’s grandmother gifted him the flotation device to prepare for summer,” Williams told Newsflare. “However, after Sam put it on, I realized that he couldn’t eat the snack he was trying to get in his mouth.”

While Thompson’s “snack blocker” actually seems to work pretty well, the clever parent said he mostly made the video for laughs. “Sam loves to eat and this is why I thought I could turn it into a funny video skit about keeping kids from eating off the floor.” 

Expert opinion says that it’s generally a good idea for parents to try and stop their kids from eating off the floor. According to Nemours, bacteria can stick to food as soon as it falls on the floor. So if you’ve always gone by the “5 second rule,” it might be time to change things up. 

That being said, parents probably don’t need to resort to using pool equipment inside in order to stop kids from eating from the floor… but it might be interesting to try it out!  When it comes to taking care of your kids, it’s really whatever floats your boat.

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