Dad on ‘hair duty’ while Mom is deployed has funny trick for styling daughter’s hair: ‘Such a great dad’

A dad on “hair duty” while his wife was deployed has a trick for putting up his little girl’s hair, and TikTok loves it.

Mom, TikToker, and soldier Reanna Murray (@reanna.murray) posted the sweet footage to her account — and since then, the video has been viewed over 15 thousand times.

In the video, we see Reanna’s husband and their little girl, presumably getting her ready for soccer practice (judging by her AYSO jersey).

Dad has already brushed back his daughter’s hair and secured it in a ponytail — but to complete the look, he has to get it up in a bun.

So, holding her ponytail high, he begins to gently spin his little girl, holding her hair still, so it twirls up.

As the hair twists, he curls it into a little bun, then wraps it up in a little scrunchie. With a smile and two thumbs-up, his daughter is ready to go!

TikTokers loved Dad’s hair hack — and their sweet father-daughter relationship

Comments applauded Reanna’s husband for his clever hair trick and for being such an attentive dad.

“Awww you’re a good dad,” one user wrote.

“Such a great dad,” another user commented.

“Lol that’s so funny,” one user laughed.

“So cute!! Awesome dad,” chimed another user.

While Reanna is deployed, she can rest easy knowing that Dad is holding down the fort so beautifully.

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