Dad-to-be’s epic reaction to his baby’s gender reveal has TikTok cracking up

This dad had an amazing reaction to his baby’s gender reveal!

Brooke Sparks (@brookesparks) is a TikToker and parent who describes herself as “just a mama having fun with her littles.” When Brooke was pregnant with her most recent child, she shared an adorably hilarious video of her husband’s reaction to her gender reveal.

In the video, when Brooke’s partner finds out his future baby’s gender, he flips out—literally!

The video, which has 24.5 million views, shows the dad-to-be doing a backflip when he finds out he’s having a baby boy

The video begins with both Brooke and her partner standing in a park, holding confetti cannons. When Brooke’s partner launches his cannon, it shoots blue confetti and smoke into the air to signify that he’s going to have a son. 

The dad-to-be immediately runs away and disappears off camera. For a split-second, it seems like he might be disappointed in the results of the gender reveal, but that couldn’t be further from the case. The future parent reappears on camera, running across the lawn behind Brooke. In quick succession, he does a handspring and a backflip, as people cheer wildly off camera.

Brooke, meanwhile, jumps up and down in excitement, making it clear that both parents are ecstatic to be having a baby boy. 

‘He’s gonna make an amazing dad!’

Tons of viewers wished the future parents well in the comments section. Many were also impressed by the future dad’s athleticism. 

“That was an awesome reaction,” responded one appreciative TikToker.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I can’t believe he did that!” another TikTok user responded.

“He’s gonna make an amazing dad,” wrote another viewer.

Some experts argue that gender reveal parties are unnecessary and potentially harmful because they conflate biological sex with gender identity. Nevertheless, gender reveal parties have become extremely popular in recent years, and parents-to-be often seek out creative ways to announce their future baby’s gender.

In Brooke and her partner’s case, the method of revealing their future baby’s gender wasn’t particularly over-the-top. What made their gender reveal video special was the love the two parents so clearly have for their future child. 

As one commenter put it, Brooke’s partner’s reaction qualifies him as “Dad of the year before the baby is even born!”

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