Dad has more fun at bounce park than his child does

This TikTok video of a father horsing around with his daughter at an inflatable theme park proves you’re never too old to play in a bounce house.

TikToker Amy Shevlin (@rileykayscott) is a parent and content creator who’s garnered a large online following for her viral videos with her duck-loving daughter, Riley. One of Shevlin’s clips features a trip to a bounce house park with Riley and her husband. However, while Riley certainly seemed to enjoy herself, her excitement went unmatched by her father’s.  

The clip opens with a shot of a giant blue and green castle-themed bounce park. “I took my toddler to a bouncy castle park only for my husband to act like the biggest kid there,” Shevlin explains over footage of Riley, in her signature yellow duck onesie, slowly making her way up a flight of inflatable stairs. 

Suddenly, Shevlin’s husband lunges into the frame and quickly bounces past Riley up the stairs. The clip cuts to a montage of her husband gleefully jumping through tunnels and ricocheting throughout the inflatable obstacles while Riley bounces and tumbles alongside him. 

Viewers strongly related to the man’s bounce house delight.

“So… I need to make a kid to get into one of these places?” one user joked.

“I mean, I would do that too. I literally buy my niece toys so [I can] play with them,” confessed one fun aunt.  

“Your daughter must be so happy to see her father playing too. I would’ve loved that as a child,” one TikToker mentioned. 

Shevlin’s video also led viewers to ponder their disillusionment with adulthood

“Being an adult is basically succumbing to peer pressure and not engaging in fun activities anymore,” said one user. 

“I would do the same too. Adulthood is a scam,” another TikToker decreed. 

While adulthood has its perks, Shevlin’s video is a nice reminder to never lose touch with your inner child.  

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