Frustrated dad performs hilarious song about wife’s Amazon habits: ‘Every wife is relating so hard to these lyrics’

A dad’s hilarious song about his wife’s online shopping habits is going viral, cracking up shopping enthusiasts around the world.

And just like the wife who tried pulling an epic shopping prank on her husband, only for a UPS driver to hilariously interrupt things, the side-splitting footage proves that families everywhere struggle with the highs and lows of online shopping.

When the Wacho family (@wachofam) posted the funny footage to their account, they gained over 3 million views and thousands of comments.

“I may have ordered too much this week…” the video’s caption read. And judging by the pile of boxes on the family’s countertop, that statement looks to be true!

In the video, this dad got creative when reflecting on his wife’s purchases. He sang new lyrics to the hit 2005 song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

“I drive my husband crazy / I’m online shopping daily / Addicted to Amazon / Please deliver when he’s gone!” the song starts.

The dad then lists the many items his wife has purchased — like “a crockpot and some brand new jeans” and “a face mask for my skin routine.”

In the end, he concludes his funny song with the lines, “My junk / My junk, my junk / My online daily junk / Whatcha gonna do with all that junk / All that junk comin’ off that truck?”

‘Omg, I cannot stop laughing…’

Thousands of comments came pouring in to express how relatable the dad’s song was.

“I want this playing in the background while I’m adding to my cart,” one user wrote.

“Every wife is relating so hard to these lyrics,” another user commented.

“Omg, I cannot stop laughing, this is something my husband would sing,” wrote one user.

“Me and him share the same pain. My wife loves online shopping!” another user shared.

“That’s why you get it delivered to an Amazon locker and hide it in your trunk until he’s sleeping, and you sneak it into the house, lol!” suggested one savvy shopper.

Others commented on the sweet baby perched safely on the counter as the dad performed.

“That baby is not fazed at all. Totally used to dad’s antics, ha,” one user wrote.

Whether or not you’re big into online shopping or retailers like Amazon, everyone can appreciate the humor and creativity this dad exhibited while performing for his family!

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