Dad hilariously bombs daughter’s gymnastics routine

Ash and Alex Mills are not your average father-daughter do.

The Melbourne father is a bit of a copycat. Mills replicates all of Alex’s gymnastics moves — poorly — for fun on their shared TikTok my_gym_dad. The dad is an active participant in Alex’s training to much comedic effect.

If Alex does a backflip on a trampoline, Mills is sure to follow with much less grace. And while Alex is better at swinging from the high bar, Mills has at least got the strength to stay up there for a few seconds. 

In June however, the father conducted the ultimate test. He created a side by side video of one of Alex’s gymnastic routines. The teenage girl does hers perfectly, while Mills struggles to keep up. 


Here it is! Is this a pass for dad? 😱😬😂 #duet #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #gymnastics

♬ original sound – my_gym_dad

He starts with a no-hand flip and falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Alex easily transitions into a split in midair. Mills attempts the split, but the daughter has already moved onto two backflips. Mills opts to roll backward twice on the mat instead. Then both the father and daughter do a split leap — and well one of them has perfect form.

While Alex is the clear winner here, most TikTok users found Mills’ attempt to be impressive. 

“I’d say you passed! I couldn’t do it better myself,” one user wrote

“Better than me, for a start,” another said

“Not bad. Most people can’t even do what he did,” someone added

As TikTok notes in the video disclaimer, you shouldn’t try this at home because these moves can result in injury. Mills has gotten hurt by imitating Alex before. 

“I was doing a flip on a trampoline and I shot backward and hit the edge of it. That really hurt,” he told Daily Mail. “Otherwise, I have been lucky. If I fall I just pick myself up again.” 

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