Dad hilariously imitates life with his 13-year-old daughter: ‘I am terrified of my child’s future teen years’

This TikTok parent’s hilarious impression of his 13-year-old daughter is so relatable to anyone who is raising a teenager!

Greg Firely (@firely2lbi) is a parent and husband who loves sharing funny videos of himself and his family on TikTok. In particular, Greg loves poking fun at his 13-year-old daughter, Ava.

The goofy parent shared a video of his imitation of the social media-obsessed 13-year-old, and it had TikTokers cracking up, and had more than one parent admitting they could relate.

The video, which has racked up 20.1 million views and counting, begins with Greg standing in front of the camera, staring at his phone, pretending to be Ava. A caption reads, “Life with our 13-year-old daughter.”

Greg holds a smartphone up to his face and pretends to take selfies. He blows kisses at the camera, waves, and poses. When Ava’s mom calls her name, Greg responds with a sarcastic “What?”

“We’re picking you up at 3,” Ava’s mom says.

To which Greg responds, “You need to drive Izzy, Addy, George, McSteamy, everyone from Grey’s Anatomy basically.”

In the next shot, Greg, still impersonating Ava, is dancing in front of the refrigerator with the door hanging open. “What are you doing?” Ava’s mom asks.

Greg replies, “Making a smoothie!”

Another sketch features Greg-as-Ava lying about stealing a phone charger, while still another features “Ava” repeatedly yelling her mom’s name while practicing her dance moves. 

Throughout the impersonation, Greg mimics his daughter’s mannerisms and voice, to hilarious effect. He not only imitates her dance moves and the way she holds her phone, but also mimics the teen’s high-pitched voice when speaking as her. 

The video reminded many TikTokers of their own teen children

“The hoarding of the chargers is a legit issue,” one parent wrote. 

“I see you’ve met my 13-year-old daughter,” another parent joked. 

“Change the name to Emily and this is my 13-year-old. I’m so sending this to her,” wrote another parent. 

Other TikTokers simply loved the hilarious video, regardless of whether or not they were raising teens.

“This deserves as many likes as there are people on the planet,” wrote one enthusiastic viewer. 

“I can’t stop laughing,” another TikToker responded. 

“I am terrified of my child’s future teen years,” another user wrote.

While Ava might have been the butt of the joke in this particular video, the teenager eventually got her revenge, sharing a hilarious video in which she impersonates Greg. The teen turned the tables on her dad, poking fun at the way he does dishes and plays with his dogs.  

Raising a teenager can be tough, but it definitely helps to have a good sense of humor about it!

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