Dad hilariously mimics his baby crying

One Florida dad is giving his baby a taste of her own medicine, and the results are hilarious.

The funny father, from Avon Park, Florida, took to social media to share what at first appears to be just a video of his infant daughter, Zoera, crying in her bouncy seat. Both he and his baby are in the frame, and it looks as if he’s holding his phone in selfie mode, so baby can see the action, too.

While his daughter is wailing away, as babies do, Dad looks directly into the camera like no big deal. Meanwhile, there are tears and little kicks coming from his clearly disgruntled daughter.

Then, all of a sudden, Dad lets out a cry of his own, mimicking his daughter’s wails.

Baby is shook, to say the least. She stops crying immediately while looking into the camera stunned. Her eyes bulge, and she is clearly unprepared for this noise that her dad’s making.

After the initial shock, she settles down for the show and even seems to crack a little smile.

While this might be one way to get a baby to stop crying, it probably shouldn’t be your go-to solution. In fact, experts suggest that swaddling, gently holding and rocking your baby, or even turning on a “calming sound” can help when your baby gets fussy.

Otherwise, Baby’s going to wise up to the fact that this is just the start of many hit-or-miss dad jokes. Out with the crying and in with the eye-rolls!

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