Expecting dad films ‘very honest’ conversation about pregnancy with his wife: ‘We need to normalize these convos’

This expectant couple on TikTok shared an honest conversation about whether they’re ready to have kids, and viewers could strongly relate! 

TikTokers Matt and Abby Howard (@matt_and_abby) are a husband and wife content creation team who have garnered a following of over 3 million users for their videos depicting daily life as a married couple and soon-to-be parents. In one of their recent clips, Matt and Abby have an intimate and candid conversation about whether they’re ready to have kids, and many viewers related to their feelings on the matter.


A very honest, real, and vulnerable conversation about pregnancy. Comment if you can relate. #mattandabby #pregnancy

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The clip begins with a shot of Matt typing on his computer. “Do you think we had a baby too early?” he asks Abby, who is sitting on the couch in the background.  

“Do you think we did?” Abby asks in response, to which Matt says that he doesn’t. Abby then tells her husband she feels worried. 

Matt explains that he didn’t feel ready to be a dad a year ago, but he does feel ready now. Abby replies, saying that while she feels prepared, she wants them to feel ready as a couple. 

“I’ve been ready, but it’s just the realness of it is like ‘woahhh’,” Abby expresses. Matt tells Abby that he thinks she’ll be a great mom, affirming that she’s good with kids. 

While Abby agrees that she’ll be a good mom, she’s just scared about the pain involved in childbirth

“It’s scary, the thought of giving birth and the healing afterward,” Abby shares, noting that there are “many variables” and “so many things that can happen.” 

The video closes with Matt offering his wife some encouragement, assuring her that he’ll be with her every step of the way. 

Viewers appreciated the couple’s honest conversation, and many connected with the sentiments expressed in the video. 

“Normalize being excited yet terrified to be parents! I couldn’t wait to be a mom, but the second I saw the [positive] pregnancy test, I PANICKED,” shared one user. 

“This is so real! I think we need to normalize these convos,” chimed in another TikToker.

“I was 23 when I had my first one. I was TERRIFIED. But the biggest thing I learned is [to] ask so many questions and never be afraid to ask for help,” recommended one parent. 
The couple’s conversation is a reassuring example that such fears are normal, whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth.

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