Dad perfectly imitates baby rocker to keep his infant sound asleep: ‘Now THAT is true talent!’

This dad has just the right moves to keep his baby asleep

TikToker Jordan Gilliam (@jordangilliam2) has a superhero for a husband. Jordan’s hilarious TikTok shows her husband attempting to put their baby in its electric bassinet. 

In order to stick the landing, Jordan moves his entire body to mimic the bassinet’s movement, and doesn’t stop or speed up until the baby is successfully delivered to the bassinet, sound asleep. The best part is Dad’s celebration once the transfer was complete! 

TikTok viewers loved the dad’s dedication! One user commented, “I held my breath!” 

Another TikToker commented, “Now THAT is true talent!”

One especially impressed viewer wrote, “This summarizes parenting perfectly. Way to stay calm during the chaos!”

Many viewers noticed that Jordan and her husband had the TV on pretty loud in the background. Some users wondered if that would wake the baby.

One user disagreed, commenting, “Love keeping the house volume on high because baby will learn to sleep through the noise! Works for ours!”

In order to help transfer your baby to their crib even more seamlessly, create ideal conditions for your baby in their bassinet or crib. You can do this by putting your baby in their sleep sack ahead of time when you notice they are getting sleepy, or putting a warmed up blanket or hot water bottle in the crib to mimic the warmth of your body.

If you want the best chances of a successful transfer, wait until your baby hits their REM cycle so that they’ll be less likely to wake up. You’ll know if their eyes dart back and forth under the lids.  

When you do finally put your baby in their crib, putting one hand on their back and another on their tummy can ease the transition as well. 

Each parent has their own tricks and tactics for a successful crib or bassinet transfer. Don’t forget to celebrate the little moments! Do a dance, eat a treat, or take a nap yourself. 

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