Dad imitates the explosively messy way his 6 kids brush their teeth: ‘This was so painful to watch’

A hilarious dad has gone viral for demonstrating how kids brush their teeth — and parents agree it’s painfully relatable!

Dad and TikToker @chris.cluff recently set out to capture just how messy his 6 kids get in the bathroom, and the footage seems to have the Internet in stitches.

Chris starts out by slathering globs of toothpaste all over six toothbrushes. He then grabs the pile of toothbrushes in an angry fist (toothpaste-first, of course) and proceeds to rub his toothpaste-covered hands all over the sink.

Once that important step in his hygiene is complete, Chris wipes his messy fingers across the mirror — leaving a chaotic streak of toothpaste in his wake.

The tattooed dad then begins to brush aggressively. After a few furious strokes, he spits — not into the sink, but onto the two mirrors in an explosive burst of water and toothpaste.

Chris then finishes with a flourish: he throws all six toothbrushes into the sink, picks them up, throws them at the mirror and across the counter — then leaves the bathroom in a huff.

‘How did you get actual footage of my kids brushing their teeth?’

With millions of views under its belt, it’s obvious this TikTok video has hit home with a lot of frustrated parents.

“Don’t forget the whole damn toothpaste tube behind the toilet with the cap off,” one user commented.

“I currently have a glob of toothpaste at the very top of the mirror. They can’t even reach that high!” another user commented.

“Yes yaaasssss! My kids do this too! Drives me insane. I told them is many times how to but no improvement. It’s even in their hair??? How???” cried another user.

“How did you get actual footage of my kids brushing their teeth?” asked one user.

TikTokers also expressed admiration for Chris’ dedication to his craft in destroying their bathroom — a bathroom which he, no doubt, would have to clean up.

“This was so painful to watch,” one user commented.

“I appreciate the commitment to this video knowing it was gonna be a huge chore,” another user wrote.

With six kids and such a hilarious father, there’s no doubt this family enjoys a lot and love and laughter in their home — even if it sometimes gets a little messy!

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