Dad keeps a straight face when adorable toddler tries to charm her way out of ‘trouble’

This dad knew exactly what his adorably mischievous daughter was up to during dinner. 

Every kid has this weapon in their arsenal: cuteness. Children seem to know exactly when to whip out the smiles, affection and giggles to win over their parents — and it’s usually when they’ve done something wrong. 

One father on TikTok shared the precise moment his daughter knew she was in trouble, and it was hilarious. 

“Dad life,” the father wrote in a caption. “When she knows she’s in trouble.” 

The family was sitting in a booth at a restaurant. While there was no word on what the little one did to break the rules, you wouldn’t have known a thing was wrong by looking at her face. The toddler girl was beaming ear to ear, cozying up to dad as if he were her favorite person in the universe. 

She giggled and bounced around as if trying to melt dad’s heart to curry favor. But he just gave her “the look” to send a different message. 

The video earned 2.8 million views. Parents on TikTok could relate to seeing the toddler’s charming wiles used against her daddy.

A user asked, “How did you keep a straight face? That would have meted my ‘dad mode!'”

The father replied to the user, “A lot of practice.” 

“So precious. She’s working her way out of trouble,” someone else wrote

“Daddy’s princess. She’s probably had him wrapped since birth and she knows it,” another commented

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