Dad’s lightning-fast reflexes save toddler’s life: ‘My heart skipped a beat’

A TikTok dad has gone viral for his heart-stopping catch, and viewers everywhere are heaving a huge sigh of relief!

This dad’s incredible reaction time was caught on tape and uploaded by the TikTok page @overtime — garnering millions of views and reactions.

In the footage, we see a young dad shooting hoops with his toddler on his shoulders. Everything seems fine at first — until the little one loses his balance and starts to tumble backward, heading straight for the concrete below.

Thankfully, Dad’s lightning-fast reflexes kicked in, making an amazing save — much to the relief of TikTok users around the world!

‘Mad respect for that man…’

Thousands of users commented to applaud the dad’s quick reaction time — but also to express the anxiety the video caused!

“My heart skipped a beat,” one user commented.

“Mate, my heart nearly stopped,” another user wrote.

“Mad respect for that man,” said one user.

But amidst the praise for the quick-moving father, some users expressed that how the dad held his baby wasn’t safe and the near-accident could have been avoided.

“When I carry mine, one hand goes to both ankles. So they can’t fall and can go hands-free,” one user shared.

Thankfully, because of this dad’s amazing instincts, no one was hurt in this video. Plus, the footage can serve as a cautionary tale to parents everywhere. Kids can be slippery, accident-prone little critters, so always play it safe!

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