Dad has list of son’s friends on Notes app so he always remembers their names

TikTok applauds a dad for putting in the extra effort to learn his son’s friends’ names. 

You may have been there with your own dad. All those cringeworthy moments of him referring to your friends by their hair color (“the redhead”). And let us not forget when he describes them by their outfits instead of their names (“the one with the socks”). It can seem like no matter how long the old man has known your besties, he’ll never learn their names. 

TikToker Savannah Cavanaugh shared footage of a father who went the extra mile to keep up with the fixtures in his son’s life. 


I think we should make all dads across america start doing this #fyp #dadsoftiktok #tallguy #barrettfriends

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“This dad has an entire Notes page dedicated to remembering his son’s friends’ names,” Cavanaugh wrote in the caption. “I think we should make all dads across America start doing this.” 

She showed footage of the father at a ball game scrolling through a page in his Notes app called “Barrett friends” with his son’s acquaintances listed. 

The video racked up over 4.4 million views on TikTok. While some people applauded the father, others couldn’t help but roast their own. 

“OK, but why is this so cute. The EFFORT. I love it,” someone commented.

“My dad just says, ‘who?’ after almost 15 years of knowing them. LOL,” a user wrote

“Bold of you to assume my dad knows how to work his Notes app,” another joked

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