Daughter surprises heartbroken dad after he loses his dog of 13 years: ‘You can see the love in his tearful eyes’

A grieving father was brought to tears by his daughter’s emotional gift, and the footage is tugging heartstrings all across TikTok.

Kelsey Lynch (@kelseyrachellynch) gained over 4.2 million views and 6,000 comments when she posted her dad’s heartwarming reaction to TikTok.

While some emotional surprises are elaborate and difficult to pull off — like this son who dressed up as a nervous waiter to surprise his 89-year-old mom — Kelsey’s now-viral video proves that simple, thoughtful surprises can also have a huge impact.


My dad lost his dog of 13 years awhile ago we noticed how sad he’s been so today we surprised him at work 😇 #fyp #heartwarming IsThisAvailable

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In the video, Kelsey explains that her father just lost his beloved dog of 13 years.

After seeing how sad her dad became, she surprised him at work with a very special gift — a pup named Dyna.

At first, Kelsey’s dad clearly has no idea what’s going on — but emotions flood his face when he finally understands. He pulls down his mask and covers his mouth, clearly at a loss for words.

Finally, he stands and reaches out to hold baby Dyna, gently hugging her to his chest, eyes brimming with tears.

It’s clearly love at first sight as the two stare at each other sweetly.

There’s no love, trust, or loyalty like a dog’s…”

TikTokers by the thousands reacted to the emotional video in the comments.

“Your father is a beautiful soul. This video brings me so much joy,” one user wrote.

“You can see the love in his tearful eyes,” another user commented.

“I’m scared to get a new puppy after losing mine [of 10 years]. Dunno if I can take the heartache again,” shared another user.

“I just lost my baby today. I still have two puppers to ease the heartache. This definitely pulled at my heartstrings,” one user commented.

“There’s no love, trust or loyalty like a dog’s,” observed another user.

“You just know he’s going to love that puppy more than anything,” wrote one user.

“Sometimes, the best way to honor the life of a beloved pet is to give a home to one that needs one. So many in need. Love another,” commented another user.

While the ASPCA reminds us to only give pets to those who have expressed sustained interest in owning one, and who have the ability to care for them responsibly, little Dyna is sure to be the best gift Kelsey’s dad receives this Christmas.

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