Dad melts TikTok’s heart when he brings home flowers for his baby girl: ‘This is the most precious thing in the world’

This parent melted the hearts of TikTok viewers when he surprised his toddler with flowers!

Lachie and Steph (@lewplustwo) are a married couple who love sharing adorable videos of their two young children on TikTok. Steph recently shared a video of her husband, Lachie, presenting their toddler daughter with flowers that racked up a jaw-dropping 7.9 million views. 


Her favourite two things “flowies” and dad 🥲 it’s the cheesy grin at the end for me! #girldad #family #husband #viral #pov #fyp #foryoupage #besties

♬ i hear a pluto projectors symphony – truff

In the video, Lachie returns home from work and surprises his daughter with an elaborate bouquet. The video begins with Lachie opening the door to his home. As soon as the door opens, the couple’s toddler, Pia, her younger sister, Hallie, and the family cat all run to greet him. 

As soon as Pia makes it to the door, Lachie bends down and presents her with a bouquet of pink and purple flowers almost half her height. The ecstatic toddler gives her dad a big hug before running to the camera grinning, to show the flowers to her mom

In the video caption, Lachie and Steph explain that Pia has two favorite things: “flowies” (toddler-speak for flowers) and her dad. 

Viewers on TikTok were moved by Lachie’s sweet gesture.

“OMG her little laugh at the end is just so cute,” one viewer commented. 

“This is all I want,” another TikToker wrote. 

“This is the most precious thing in the world,” another user commented.

“She’s going to have such high expectations for the future men in her life,” another viewer joked. 

The video also reminded some viewers of their own childhoods, and how it felt waiting for their parents to come home. 

“I used to hide when my dad got home and then run out and jump on him and give him a big hug,” one viewer reminisced. 

Another TikTok user recalled, “My dad coming home from work was the best part of my childhood.”

Not everyone was enamored with Lachie’s sweet gesture, however. One skeptical viewer wondered why he didn’t buy flowers for Steph as well, writing, “It’s sweet but where are the flowers for the mom?”

Steph put the commenter’s worries to rest, explaining, “He bought my favorite chocolate as well! But look at that little face. Her getting the flowers is everything!”

Whether you’re gifting them to a toddler or an adult, a bouquet of flowers is a sweet way to tell someone you love them!

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