Dad hilariously narrates toddler son’s car seat escape act: ‘This is adorable and terrifying’

This TikTok parent narrated his baby’s hilarious attempt to escape his car seat. 

TikTok user Glen (@beleafinfatherhood) is a father of four children, including a mischievous baby boy named Uziah who is not at all a fan of being buckled into his car seat. 


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Glen recently recorded a video of Uziah attempting to escape from his car seat, only to be snitched on by his three older siblings. 

The hilarious video, which Glen makes even funnier with his own voiceover and animations, starts with the magician-in-training being buckled in. Uziah cleverly waits until his father has closed the car door to attempt his great escape.

“As soon as Dad closes the door,” Glen explains, “He looks left, looks right, picks the lock, then Hulk Hogans his way out of the seatbelt.”

The baby escapes his seatbelt easily, but only enjoys a few seconds of freedom before his siblings turn him in. 

As Glen puts it, “He popped his head out like he missed his bus stop, and then everybody starts snitching: big sister, big brother, other big brother.” 

In the end, Uziah’s mom arrives on the scene and buckles the cranky baby back into the car seat. Glen, meanwhile, learns a valuable parenting lesson: “He has proven to me that nothing is baby proof unless it’s bulletproof,” the TikTok parent explains.

‘That child is too smart!’

Viewers expressed their love for the adorable video, and for the unsuccessful escape artist, in the comments.

“You and your family are hilarious!!” one TikToker responded.

“The commentary, the wholesomeness, I’m here for all of it,” wrote another.

“Harry Potter is that you?” wrote a particularly impressed viewer.

The video clearly resonated with parents of toddlers. Several commenters recalled their children attempting their own car seat escapes.

“My daughter was this way,” wrote one parent. “Actually she still is and she’s 4 now. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my Houdini baby.”

Another put it succinctly, writing, “TODDLERS…The struggle is real.”

Toddler life may be a struggle, but at least Glen and his family are having fun raising their young escape artist!

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