Dad of 7 waddles home after ‘painful’ vasectomy: ‘Good man for taking one for the team!’

A father of six with one more on the way went viral for his post-vasectomy waddle — and TikTokers everywhere are cracking up!

Mom DeAnndrea Isaacs (@mrsisaacs777) gained over 1.1 million views and nearly 5,000 comments when she posted the funny footage to her TikTok.

Now, just like the dad who proudly showed off his hilarious consolation T-shirt after his vasectomy, this pained father is bringing laughter to people all around the world — and to his very pregnant wife!

In the video, DeAnndrea captured the moment her husband Anthony began his painful journey from the car to their home.

As she explained with onscreen text, the couple were expecting their seventh and final child, so they decided it was time for Anthony to have a vasectomy.

Noticing her hubby’s post-procedural waddle, DeAnndrea decided to get a little cheeky by adding the song “Wobble” by V.I.C. to her footage — and thus, a viral video was born!

‘I’m dying over his wobble…’

Thousands of TikTokers took to the comments section to laugh with the couple.

“Probably not as painful as the seven kids you had to push out!” joked one user.

“Good man for taking one for the team!” lauded another user.

“I appreciate the ‘after snip’ Blizzard,” one user observed.

“You did him wrong with this song,” commented another user, laughing emojis in tow.

“Congratulations on #7! I’m dying over his wobble,” cracked one user.

Since going viral, DeAnndrea and Anthony have welcomed their seventh baby, a sweet little boy named Gabriel. With such a big, loving family and parents with such a great sense of humor, Gabriel is sure to enjoy a very warm and happy childhood!

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