Dad on TikTok isn’t here for people’s complaints about being ‘tired’

This dad posted a funny tirade on TikTok, calling out people who claim they’re tired but don’t have kids

The clip, which self-described “superdad” Savada Gilmore (@savvy.smiles) posted to TikTok, has been viewed more than 2.3 million times on the video platform. While meant as a joke, the video has caused quite a rift in the comments section.

In the video, Gilmore calls out people who claim they feel tired, even though they’re not parents.


Just PARENT humor. I know WE signed up for this. I know EVERYONE can be tired!👌🏾🤣 Ic: @jongustin #dadsjokes #parenthumor #parentsbelike #dadsbelike

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

“People be like, ‘I’m tired’,” started Gilmore. “But you don’t have kids!” 

“Tired of what?! Being able to get off work and rest and chill?” 

“Tired of what?! Peace and quiet?!” 

“Tired of what?! Privacy?!”

“Tired of what?! Being able to enjoy your own food?!”

He capped off his post with a desperate facial expression and “Help?!?!” written above his head.

With more than 70,000 followers, Gilmore has a solid hold in the TikTok parenting world. But on this video, the comments section was packed with pushback, mostly from people who don’t have kids. 

“Lol I’m tired of people not realizing having kids is a choice,” one commenter wrote. 

“Not my kids not my problem,” wrote another user. “Y’all picked them, not me.” 

Some users also felt that just because they don’t have kids doesn’t mean they should feel guilty about being tired. 

“I work a full time job, and work a second job that is part-time so yes at the end of my week I can say I’m tired,” one user wrote. 

Gilmore responded to the backlash in the comments section, writing that the video was meant as a joke for other parents, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“I KNOW we can all be tired af, kids or not — parent tired just hits different — This is a joke for US! Our tired does not negate yours,” he wrote.

Bottom line, whether you have kids or not, it’s perfectly OK to feel tired. One way or another, everyone’s just trying to get some sleep.

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