Dad builds one-of-a-kind bed for his toddler transitioning out of his crib

This dad built a beautiful one-of-a-kind bedtime sanctuary to help his toddler transition from sleeping in a crib to a bed!

Bailey Solyntjes (@bailey.solyntjes) is a TikToker and busy mom of two who recently shared a video of the awesome toddler bed her husband built to help their son, Joey, transition out of his crib


The bed my husband built to transition J out of his crib! #diy #handyhusband #montessoritoddler #montessoribed #levelup

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The clip begins with a shot of Solyntjes’ husband and little Joey in the thick of completing the bed’s frame, which is specially designed to look like a mini house complete with a roof and working gate! 

Suddenly, the video cuts to reveal Joey’s finished new bed decked out in a cozy, woodland theme. What was once an empty room is now a toddler dream haven, complete with a railroad carpet, national park posters, and even a stuffed bear hanging on the wall. 

Viewers on TikTok couldn’t get enough of the DIY wonder bed.

“Does he sell these? I would definitely buy one for my 1-year-old,” inquired one curious consumer. 

“I freaking love the s**t outta this idea! It’s amazing and genius,” another viewer raved. 

“Love this! Tutorial? Or where did he find the measurements,” asked one ambitious builder. 

While one viewer did observe that “changing the sheets has got to be brutal,” Solyntjes proved otherwise in a follow-up video, where she simply lifts the mattress to tuck in a fitted sheet. 

Transitioning from crib to bed is a significant toddler milestone. Experts say that letting your child have agency in the process by having them choose what toys or decorations go in their new environment can help them feel more comfortable and secure at bedtime

As the video shows, involving your child in the crib-to-bed adventure can help prepare them for the transition and get them excited about sleeping in a big kid bed.

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