Dad stuns TikTok with his hack for changing pillowcases: ‘Stop the pillowcase madness!’

This TikTok parent’s revolutionary pillowcase hack makes changing your pillowcase quicker, easier, and more hygienic!

Scott Horvath (@1point21) is a parent and TikToker who shared a mind-blowing hack for swapping out pillowcases. The hack? Just turn your pillowcase inside out before putting it on the pillow!

Scott begins his video by demonstrating the wrong way to put a pillowcase on a pillow. He holds a pillow in one hand and a pillowcase in another, then grimaces as he tries to pull the pillowcase down over the pillow. After a moment, he tosses the pillow onto his bed in frustration. 

“Don’t put cases on this way,” he writes in a caption.

While simply pulling the pillowcase down over the pillow might seem like the obvious method, Scott claims there is a better way. 

First, Scott turns his pillowcase inside out. Next, with his hands inside the pillowcase, he fits the pillowcase onto the top of the pillow. Then, Scott grabs the top corners of the pillow, and flips the top of the pillowcase down over it. Finally, Scott slides the rest of the pillowcase down to cover the pillow entirely. 

This method is not only quicker and easier, but also involves “less pillow touching” according to Scott. 

In a caption, Scott makes a plea to his viewers: “Stop the pillowcase madness!” 

Many viewers were impressed by Scott’s genius pillowcase hack.

“Wow you’ve changed my life for the better,” one viewer wrote.

“Why was I never taught this?” another viewer asked.

Others were already familiar with Scott’s hack and vouched for its effectiveness. 

“I did this when I was a housekeeper. It’s a lot more sanitary and faster,” one TikToker commented. 

“Am I the only one that always does this?” another TikToker wrote. 

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated trying to stuff a pillow into a pillowcase, Scott’s hack is definitely worth a try! You might just sleep a little easier knowing that you’ll never struggle to put on a pillowcase again. 

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