Dad makes postpartum ‘hero sandwich’ for his wife: ‘He’s a definite keeper’

A husband is being praised for his thoughtful postpartum sandwich. 

No, it’s not an edible sandwich. TikTok dad TJ is very much a sandwich artist but there’s no American cheese here. After his wife gave birth, he made a “hero sandwich” using postpartum recovery products. The dad whipped up a quick tutorial for other husbands out there. 

“This is for the husbands: this is a one-on-one on how to make a hero sandwich, postpartum, after birth,” he said

The dad’s postpartum “hero sandwich” followed a classic recipe. He used cooling pads as the “bread,” sanitary napkins as the “meat,” witch hazel pads as the “provolone” and Demoplast numbing spray as a condiment. 

The husband’s funny tutorial racked up 1.5 million views on TikTok

“As an OB nurse I will only be teaching in sandwich terms from now on,” someone wrote

“He’s a definite keeper and I love his way of describing it,” a person commented

“My daughter is 17 and this wasn’t even offered. I feel like I missed out on the best Italian sub of my life,” another joked

“This is one of the sweetest acts of love,” a TikToker replied

“Taking notes so I can do this for my girl in the future,” a user said

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