Dad-to-be has cutest reaction to seeing his rainbow baby’s first outfits

Upbeat TikToker Nabela is a first-generation Bangladeshi American designer, author and entrepreneur with over 7.2 million followers. She and her husband Seth have been together for a decade. But like any relationship, it has had its ups and downs. 

For six years, Nabela and Seth struggled with infertility and experienced a devastating miscarriage. When the couple conceived again, Nabela had to receive a slew of hormone shots to ensure her baby survived past the first trimester. 

It’s why every moment related to Nabela and Seth’s rainbow baby (a child born after a miscarriage) feels like a miracle for the couple. The pair shared the touching moment when Nabela showed Seth the first round of clothes their newborn would be wearing. 

“Showing my husband the first clothes I bought for our daughter,” Nabela said. “I’ve waited six years for moments like this.” 

Her husband looked smitten with each piece of clothing. He held the baby girl’s onesie and bowtie up to his chest as if he were going to wear them. He cradled the baby’s little dress in his arms and rocked it. It was a dream come true for them both. 

“The way he pretended to hold her, my heart is melting. I am so happy for you both,” someone said

“What a magical moment. I remember this feeling of anticipation. So happy you get to experience it too,” another commented

“I can already tell that she’s gonna be daddy’s girl,” a person wrote

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