Dad records three sons reacting to their first rollercoaster ride

An Illinois dad captured his three sons reacting to their first rollercoaster ride at Six Flags Great America.

Brian Prunty recorded the footage over the course of three years. First, there was 8-year-old Mason in 2016, 6-year-old Tyson in 2017 and then 6-year-old Jack in 2019. The boys took a turn on the Viper rollercoaster and each had a unique reaction. The father put all of the videos together for a side-by-side comparison.

In the video, Mason seems unfazed by the ride for the most part as he trembles in his seat. He even smiles quite a few times.

That’s some serious contrast to Tyson who is completely terrified. He shrieks and screams in fear nearly the whole time.

“I never want to go on that stupid rollercoaster again,” he declares once it’s over.

Finally, Jack gets his turn and he is the timidest of the trio. He doesn’t fuss, he doesn’t smile, he simply clings onto Prunty for dear life with a look of serious concern on his face. But when the ride is done he’s got a bit of a smirk on his face, although he expresses no interest in riding the Viper again.

“They have been on rides since, even Tyson likes roller coasters and has even been on this one again since,” Prunty told Newsflare. “Unfortunately, it was closed this summer so Jack hasn’t had a chance to redeem himself yet. We also have two other boys, the oldest son who I wish I had a video of his first ride and a 5-year-old who I will hopefully add to this video in a couple of years.”

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