Dad reinvents himself by performing in viral TikToks with son

Randy Gonzalez and his tiny son Brice go by the enkyboys on TikTok. The account highlights how Gonzalez’s bond with his son is wholesome, fun and transformative.

On enkyboys, Gonzalez combats stereotypes — not just about men who look like him, but those with criminal records. He’s no hardened, scary hustler lurking in the shadows. Gonzalez is funny, vulnerable and loving.

The father told his story in a series of viral clips. When Gonzalez was released from prison he was called a criminal, loser and deadbeat. But he overcame those degrading labels because he loved his children. As a former convict, the dad struggled to get work. That’s when Brice taught him how to use TikTok.

The two practiced dancing and making videos together. Their short clips would catapult them into the social media elite. With 5.8 million followers on TikTok, their videos now receive millions of views on a regular basis. Needless to say, the father isn’t hurting for work now.

Gonzalez and Brice’s heartwarming videos dispel any belief that having a past record is any indication of your future potential. In fact, most comments praise the father’s openness about his background. 

“Love this story! I’m a criminal defense lawyer and love when I see my clients turn it around! It’s not easy! Y’all are killing it!” one TikTok user commented

“I’m so proud of you!! you are a good dad and sometimes people make mistakes it’s what you do now what matters!” another said

“It’s all about finding purpose! You’ve found it in your son!” a person added

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