Dad’s incredible reflexes kick in when baby wanders onto backyard water slide: ‘Super dad mode activated’

A dad is going viral for using his lightning-fast reflexes to save his baby girl, and TikTokers are lauding him as a “super dad.”

When mom and TikToker @rachkreitz uploaded her husband’s incredible save, she likely never expected it to gain over 6M views — but the footage is quickly making the rounds on TikTok due to Dad’s amazing reflexes.


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In the video, we see an impressively long water slide stretching across the family’s backyard.

At the top of the hill, Dad and his two other children launch themselves onto the slide. At this moment, the father realizes his toddler has wandered onto the bottom of the slide.

Without a moment’s hesitation, as the dad comes barreling towards his little girl, he moves the two sliding children aside before they can crash into the baby while simultaneously scooping up the toddler and lifting her to safety.

Amazingly, everyone is totally unharmed — including their toddler, who seems completely unaware of the danger she just narrowly avoided, thanks to her “super dad.”

‘Dad of the Year goes to this gentleman!’

Thousands of TikTokers flooded @rachkreitz‘s comment section with praise for the fast-acting dad.

“I swear, some dads go into survival mode when it comes to their kids. That was bad***!” one user wrote.

“Super dad mode activated,” commented another user.

“That man was born to be a protector,” wrote another user.

“Those Dad skills on point!” another user commented.

“Dad of the Year goes to this gentleman!! That baby was completely unbothered!!” one user wrote.

“Literally super dad! How is that catch even possible?” asked one user.

Whenever it comes to backyard activities — especially when it involves water — be sure to keep a close eye on your little ones and make sure they’re out of harm’s way.

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