Dad shares heart-stopping footage of child balancing on virtual cliff’s edge

A dad shared a pulse-pounding video of his child walking along a virtual cliff’s edge, and some Instagram users got a little “anxious.”

Janusz Ronki is a video creator and video-effects artist based in Berlin, Germany, who’s racked up tens of thousands of views and more than 8,700 followers on Instagram for his mind-bending VFX artistry. But one video in particular is getting a lot of attention.

Ronki worked his magic on a video of his son walking in the grass, and it looks as if the little boy is strolling heart-stoppingly close to a fake cliff’s edge. Ronki even threw in an animated airplane to make the cliff seem scarily high. The video looks incredibly real, even if it does defy the laws of physics. 

The comments section was unsurprisingly filled with shocked and scared face emojis. 

“Actually made me a little anxious,” one Instagram commenter wrote. 

And if you’re so impressed with Ronki’s work that you can’t believe it’s not real, he shared the before and after clip in his highlights. The video shows the original footage of his son walking in a grassy field — no cliff’s edge to be seen. 

Ronki’s other work is just as breathtaking. In this video, he was inspired by the Greek island Zakynthos, which is also known as Turtle Island because it’s shaped like a turtle and is a popular nesting ground for sea turtles. Ronki created 3D-animated flying turtles to convey the magic of the island.

Ronki’s son appears in quite a bit of his work. This video shows just the little boy’s feet marching through a puddle, while another sets him in a virtual Super Mario game collecting coins and dodging bad guys. 

Ronki seems to have found the perfect, worry-free activity for himself and his son because fake danger is a lot less stressful than real-life danger!

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