Dad ‘shocked’ by daughter’s surprising post-college plans: ‘Leaving [the] whole family behind’

A 20-year-old thinks she may have mishandled a situation with her father.

She shared the conflict on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The issue is her father expected her to move back to her hometown after she graduated college. But she had plans to move away. Her relationship with her dad isn’t great and she thought it was the best decision. When he found out, he became furious. 

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“About a week ago my dad asked me about moving back and told me my siblings missed me,” she wrote. “They were on the video call as was his wife and that’s when I broke it to him because he was saying they had a planned trip in the summer and I could watch the kids for him. He was shocked, annoyed and he hung up once he realized I was serious.” 

The father found out she had told her uncle and grandparents before him, then got more upset. 

“When he realized they knew and my maternal family knew, he was super pissed,” the Reddit poster explained. “He felt like he should have been the first person I told and that we needed to discuss it. I told him there was nothing to discuss. That as an adult I made a decision about where I’ll live. He accused me of leaving my whole family behind, to which I replied I was near family, my mom’s family. My aunt thinks I should have told him first and before he brought it up. My dad said the same thing. So now I’m wondering if I did handle this badly.” 

Reddit users thought the 20-year-old handled things fine. 

“It sounds like he wanted a free babysitter, not a kid,” one person wrote

“If you had told him first, he would have never accepted it,” someone added

“He just assumed and you corrected that assumption,” another commented

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