Dad makes shocking discovery when daughter says her bathtub is draining slow: ‘It stunk so bad’

A teenage girl complained to her father that her bathtub was taking a long time to drain — and what he discovered is going viral!

Dad and TikToker Shawn Weiss (@shawnweiss8) gained over two million views and nearly 7,000 comments when he posted the icky footage online.

Now, just like the mom who removed her toilet seat to expose the filthiness hiding in plain sight, Shawn is inspiring people around the world to run to their bathroom and do some deep-cleaning themselves.

@shawnweiss8 I cant believe she let it get this bad!!! #fyp #hair #drain #draincleaning #nasty #daughter #dadthings

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In the video, captioned, “I can’t believe she let it get this bad!!!,” Shawn is wrist-deep in bathtub water struggling with something lurking inside the drain.

After getting a decent grip on the mysterious clog, Shawn begins to pull — and pull… and pull…

At first, it’s not quite clear what Shawn has unearthed as he winds the wet, black clump around his bare hand.

But eventually, it’s apparent that what was clogging his daughter’s bathtub drain wasn’t an animal, nor a character from “The Grudge,” but a giant mass of hair.

Finally, the Rat King-esque clump comes loose from the drain, and Shawn slowly lifts it up and out.

To fully demonstrate its size, the dad stretches the hair along the bathtub’s edge — much to the horror of TikTokers everywhere.

‘I’m audibly gagging…’

Thousands of horrified TikTokers shared their reactions to the drain clog in the comments.

“He pulled the whole ‘Grudge’ girl outta the drain,” one user joked.

“The girl from ‘The Ring’ down there,” another user wrote.

“Cousin It, is that you?” laughed another user.

“I’m audibly gagging,” one user shared.

“Either chop your hand off or dip it in a tub of bleach,” wrote one user, disgusted by Shawn’s lack of gloves.

To this, Shawn replied, “Oh no, it stunk so bad that I had to soak my hand in a half gallon can of tomato juice… OVERNIGHT!”

“I know it’s just hair but…🤮 Did she get sucked down the drain?” one nauseous user commented.

“No, just most of her!” Shawn replied.

“I remember being a teen and telling my dad the shower wasn’t draining and he did this. He got a drain filter the next day,” one user wrote.

Shawn replied, “YES! Got her one. Now it’s ‘Dad can you clean it for me? I don’t want to touch it, it will make me puke!’ What’s a sad dad to do?”

While Shawn might be grossed out by his fatherly bathtub duties, it’s clear he’s a dutiful dad who will do anything for his daughter — but hopefully this was the last time he had to wrestle a “The Ring”-sized clog from her drain!

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