Dad shows off 8th son on TikTok: ‘When your wife thought she’d have a girl one day!’

This couple has 8 children and they’re all boys!

TikTok couple, That_Rosario_Life (@that_rosario_life), just had their 8th son and they couldn’t be happier. The couple recently posted a video to celebrate their son’s birth and show off their growing family. 


Yes we are missing one🥺 but mamas outnumbered !!! ##TostitosUnspokenBonds ##boys ##trend ##ohthepalacios

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The video also poked a little bit of fun at the baby boy’s mom, who according to the video caption, “thought she’d have a girl one day.”

The video begins with the father gently cradling his newborn son. He looks into the camera with a bit of a smirk. Moments later, more children begin pouring into the room. 

First, one boy struts in, carrying a toddler on his back. Soon after, several more kids dance onto the scene. All of the boys wear matching outfits and t-shirts that read, “Best Kid Ever,” and they all seem absolutely ecstatic about their new baby brother. 

A caption then appears on the screen that reads, “Yes we just had our 8th son two weeks ago.”

‘They just kept coming!’

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their love for the adorable video, and marvel at the energy it must take to raise that many kids. 

“I have 2 boys and I’m exhausted,” one TikToker said.

“When they become teenagers [you] may need to move into the grocery store,” another joked.

A few pointed out that the family was on track to build their own sports team. 

“Oh just have one more,” one commenter suggested. “If you get the girl it’s a win. If not, on the bright side you have a whole baseball team.”

“Tell me you are raising a football team without telling me,” said another.

The odds of giving birth to 8 boys in a row are extremely low. One Scientific American article calculated that the odds of having 14 boys in a row are just 0.0085%. Using their same math, the odds of having 8 boys in a row are just over 0.47%.

These parents are certainly beating the odds!

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